Ring yellow gold 18K , Fusion End

Ring yellow gold 18K , Fusion End


Yellow Gold
Size 55
Fusion core rings Collection
Ring yellow gold 18K , Fusion End


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FUSION’s endless combinations let you write your own personal love story, by piecing together exquisite and inimitable rings of your choice. All ring pieces can be combined, and the possibilities are almost infinite. The Fusion collection was designed by Nina Koppel, and it has ushered in a new way of thinking in modern jewellery because it encourages the wearer to take more of an active role in the design of their jewellery. Let FUSION tell your story; each ring piece can symbolize a special memory or occasion in your life or someone that is dear to you. The rings interlock with the others seamlessly and together they form their own personalised harmony. It is perhaps contradictory, but the end ring often serves as the starting point to the stories people tell with their FUSION rings. The end rings are made out of either rose gold, yellow gold or white gold.