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Triantafyllos jewelry

Mr. Spyros Triantafyllos was introduced to the world of jewelry from a young age , next to his parents who ran their own jewelry stores in the center of Corfu. His passion for gemology and his excitement for estimating precious and semi-precious stones did not take long to show. He studied gemology – diamondology and traveled to Greece and Italy to find jewelry with unique design and Mediterranean character. His knowledge and passion for jewelry, pushed him to open his own jewelry store TRIANTAFYLLOS, in his city, with innovative and elaborate creations, designed by the strongest names in the field.

But there are times where the designers become the costumers themselves. They know they want something special, something like no other. For those moments Mr. Triantafyllos designs with them the jewel of their dreams giving it shape and form.

Owner Gemologist

Our Stores

From the busy pedestrian street of Eugenios Voulgareos, to the historic Nikiforou Theotoki located in the old town of Corfu, there are three TRIANTAFYLLOS jewelry stores and another in the northern part of the island , each with its own unique style and aesthetics, hosts different brands to meet all your wishes.

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Born in Corfu

Corfu is perhaps the most famous island of the Ionian Islands and one of the most popular in the Mediterranean. A pole of attraction for hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, with a huge cultural heritage, combined with its natural beauty, countless beaches and interesting attractions, makes it one of the most attractive destinations.

It is no coincidence that its historic center has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The first Greek university, the Ionian Academy, the first philharmonic orchestra and the first School of Fine Arts in Greece were founded in Corfu.

Events throughout the year enrich the stay in Corfu, whether it is a vacation or a short getaway. Music festivals, gastronomy festivals and of course the most famous Easter in Greece, keep alive the culture in every season.

Beautiful and romantic, Corfu hypnotizes anyone that meets her. Meet her too!