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Jewelry Care & Maintenance

How do I take care of my jewelry?

All our jewelry should be treated with care and attention by cleaning them regularly to maintain their beautiful appearance and ensure their longevity.


Silver oxidizes over time, but this will happen much faster when it comes in contact with factors such as: perfume, salt, air, sulfur, skin creams, hairspray, chlorine and the skin’s acidic pH. The oxidation of silver is therefore not a structural defect but a natural property.


Gold is not oxidized but can be affected by various factors only superficially and safely with proper care to fully recover.

General Suggestions

We recommend that you do not wear your jewelry while bathing, sleeping or during sports activities.

Always open the clasp to remove your jewelry and after cleaning with a soft cloth place them clasped back in their case.

Jewelry Storage & Cleaning

Which is the correct way to store my jewelry?

Jewelry should be kept away from sunlight and heat and in a protective box that is lined. They can also be stored in a plastic bag with a zipper made out of Myler or polyethylene. Never use plastic bags out of polyvinyl (like the ones we use for rubbish bins) as they contain sulfur compounds which may lead to faster oxidation of your silver jewelry.

Correct long-term jewelry storage/h3>
For long-term storage of jewelry after washing them with lukewarm water and a drop of dish detergent dry them thoroughly before placing them in a plastic bag with airtight zipper that protects them from moisture and air.

How can I clean my jewelry?

Clean your jewelry carefully with a soft toothbrush dipped in diluted soap and water. Avoid wetting parts made of organic materials such as pearl, wood and leather.

If a jewel is quite dirty, place it in warm water with a drop of dishwashing detergent and let it soak for a few minutes.

Polish your jewelry after each use with a soft cloth.

Cleaning with chemicals

Your jewelry should never be exposed to titled silver liquids or other active chemicals (even in special cleaners specified for jewelry cleaning).

Chemical cleaners can change the color of jewelry and even oxidize its surface. They can also change the look of all the organic and porous parts of jewelry like eg (pearl, coral, opal, turquoise) or destroy items such as leather and wood.