DAISY Earrings

DAISY Earrings


Silver 925 yellow gold plated
Daisy Collection
Material: Enamel
DAISY Earrings


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The national flower of Denmark inspired this design icon, and it has been a favourite for generations of women.

The daisy is also closely associated with the Royal House of Denmark. When Queen Ingrid gave birth to Her Royal Highness, Queen Margrethe in 1940, Georg Jensen presented her with a special version of DAISY to commemorate the event.

The DAISY earrings are popular with women of all ages. They can be worn with jeans, business or cocktail attire – and like the flower that inspired them, they are both joyful and fresh.

The DAISY earrings are made out of 18 carat gold plated sterling and they are decorated with white enamel.